Private banking without boundaries

We view the world as you do. Where opportunities abound and challenges are there to overcome. A dynamic marketplace of trade, finance, people and ideas. An interconnected realm, where capital, goods and entrepreneurs can move more freely, across more borders, than ever before.

The world’s changed, that’s why we’re here

Petrus Private Bank provides an individual service; one that’s built on the closest of relationships and mirrors the way you live your life. We see our clients as ‘global citizens’: successful people from the world over whose goals are diverse, ambitious and unfettered. They are individuals who set the pace and demand that we match it — in every respect.

You expect us to help you maintain your lifestyle, manage your long-term investments, support your business interests and assist with your philanthropic activities. You also expect us to be flexible, creative and accommodating — we are. Decisions are reached quickly and, once made, implemented without delay.

At Petrus Private Bank, your individual needs come first — always.