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Petrus is an independent private bank with a global reach, established exclusively to cater to the needs of those who seek a bespoke approach to banking.

Legal Information

The information on this site refers to services or products which are not available in certain locations, or which, in any relevant location, may have components, methods, structures and terms different from the ones described, as well as restrictions on client eligibility. Please contact a Relationship Manager for details of services and products that may be available to you. The use of the label ‘Petrus Private Bank’, ‘we’, or ‘us’ refers to Petrus’ worldwide private banking business, and is not indicative of any legal entity or relationship. This information is entirely qualified by reference to the terms and conditions of the specific service, if any. Nothing here is to be deemed an offer, solicitation, endorsement, or recommendation to buy or sell any general or specific product, service or security and should not be considered to constitute investment advice. Please note that Petrus Private Bank does not provide Legal and Tax Advice. Before proceeding, please refer to the full disclaimer and the Terms and Conditions. Please refer to our full legal disclaimer here.

Important information for US Persons

The offering, sale and/or distribution of many of the products or services described on this website is not intended in any jurisdiction to any person to whom it is unlawful to make such an offer, sale and/or distribution, including the United States. Any solicitation on this web site of banking services (including accepting and/or soliciting deposits), insurance services, mortgage and/or consumer lending services or credit card services is not intended for US Persons.