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As time is precious and in short supply, you expect your day-to-day transactional banking arrangements — no matter how complex — to run like clockwork. Your Private Banking Manager will ensure they do.

Our current accounts offer a choice of payment options and as many ways to manage your funds as you require.

Our deposit accounts enable you to manage your finances quickly and efficiently wherever you may be in the world. They also help to limit your exposure to foreign exchange risk.

Security of funds is assured through our network of global custodian banks who assume complete responsibility for the safekeeping of our clients’ assets.


The world offers a myriad of diverse and attractive investment opportunities: you can capitalise on those opportunities through our advisory or execution-only brokerage services.

By utilising the trading platforms of our counterparties you can invest in stocks, fixed interest securities, ETFs, investment trusts, alternatives and derivatives which are traded on the world’s leading stock exchanges. There may be occasions when you require access to lesser-known exchanges. If so, we can help.

In every instance, your instructions will be expedited and confirmed without delay and at the lowest possible cost.


For individuals who invest in multiple jurisdictions — and across a range of asset classes, securities and markets — consolidating a disparate array of assets on one platform which is managed by a highly regulated global banking group, offers significant benefits.

We use some of the world’s largest custody banks to deal with our accounting — an arrangement that enables us to focus on providing better you with better returns, effective risk management and a highly-individualised service.