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If you require highly personalised investment advice, and have sufficient experience to assume responsibility for your own investment decisions, an advisory mandate may be appropriate for you. Your adviser — in conjunction with an analyst — will help you decide on investment strategy and prepare relevant proposals for your consideration. In addition, the advisory team will monitor your portfolio on a day-by-day basis and provide you with valuations, transaction reports and portfolio composition analyses at your convenience.

Our service is based on an open architecture that enables us to select products and services from a platform of the world’s best investment companies. In doing so, we draw on the expertise of our strategists and analysts at various locations abroad, who contribute significant added value with their profound knowledge of local markets.


High net worth individuals have unique wealth transition and protection issues — both in life and after. Matters such as business and private succession planning, estate taxes and the management and control of your assets after death, are not to be ignored and should be addressed sooner, rather than later.

The importance of planning ahead

Providing you commence your planning in good time, you can (if you wish) involve your potential heirs in the planning process. Taking a proactive approach to estate planning ensures the harmonious division of your assets following your death: it also enables you to choose the executor of your last will and testament and to formulate plans for making lifetime gifts of capital and establishing charitable commitments.

Our estate planning partners can work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive and robust succession plan: a plan that arranges your personal, family and business affairs to best effect and ensures that your estate is administered in an orderly manner and in complete accordance with your instructions.


Which of our two fund selection services suits you best? Would you prefer to build and manage your own portfolio, using funds from our pre-selected range? Or would you like one of our investment experts to build and monitor your portfolio for you, utilising a wider choice of funds?

Pre selected fund range
Your choice of funds includes those which are run by some of the investment industry’s leading managers. Not only do these funds have strong track records and defined investment processes, they also hold the potential to outperform their peers over the long term.

Managed Portfolio Service
If your time is in short supply, this service may be your most convenient and complete investment solution. It enables you to outsource the construction and management of your portfolio to one of our investment specialists. Once we’ve established your objectives and your views about the type of investments you want to include in your portfolio, you can leave the management of it to us. Your portfolio will be managed on a discretionary basis. i.e., we have your authority to buy and sell funds without having to seek your permission first. Whenever we deal on your behalf, we will send you a contract note. You’ll receive a statement of account and a valuation statement, which will itemise every transaction made on your behalf since the last statement date.


Trusts can be used to help you maintain your lifestyle, to protect the financial interests of your family and to negate the potentially damaging effects that health, personal and business risks pose to your wealth. Trusts can be stand-alone arrangements or established in conjunction with companies, foundations and life assurance policies.

Our partners advise individuals, beneficiaries and trustees on the creation and administration of onshore and offshore trusts, including the development of bespoke trust instruments to meet specific requirements.