Which of our two fund selection services suits you best? Would you prefer to build and manage your own portfolio, using funds from our pre-selected range? Or would you like one of our investment experts to build and monitor your portfolio for you, utilising a wider choice of funds?

Pre selected fund range

Your choice of funds includes those which are run by some of the investment industry’s leading managers. Not only do these funds have strong track records and defined investment processes, they also hold the potential to outperform their peers over the long term.

Managed Portfolio Service

If your time is in short supply, this service may be your most convenient and complete investment solution. It enables you to outsource the construction and management of your portfolio to one of our investment specialists. Once we’ve established your objectives and your views about the type of investments you want to include in your portfolio, you can leave the management of it to us. Your portfolio will be managed on a discretionary basis. i.e., we have your authority to buy and sell funds without having to seek your permission first. Whenever we deal on your behalf, we will send you a contract note. You’ll receive a statement of account and a valuation statement, which will itemise every transaction made on your behalf since the last statement date.