For individuals who invest in multiple jurisdictions — and across a range of asset classes, securities and markets — consolidating a disparate array of assets on one platform which is managed by a highly regulated global banking group, offers significant benefits.

Security: The custodian bank assumes complete responsibility for the safe-keeping of assets. And, in all circumstances, your assets remain your property as the bank separates client assets from its own.

Expediency: By providing instant support and country-specific expertise, the custodian bank is able to transact without undue hindrance in many different regulatory and tax regimes.

Administration: complex investment portfolios are difficult to administer. By following established and regulated auditing standards and operating procedures, administrative mistakes are practically eliminated.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Custodian banks are required to follow the most stringent, independently audited data management policies.

Records, data and reporting: Accounting records and asset ownership details are held in a secure environment. Assets are administered using established, well-defined and standard administrative procedures. Comprehensive and reliable reports are available on demand.

Disaster protection: Detailed and exhaustive business continuity strategies and disaster recovery policies provide clients with the highest possible degree of protection.

We use some of the world’s largest custody banks to deal with our accounting — an arrangement that enables us to focus on providing better you with better returns, effective risk management and a highly-individualised service.