Depending on the investment strategies, structures and volume, fund administration can involve family offices in complicated, time-consuming and problematical procedures.

Our fund administration platform has the infrastructure, controls and processes you need to relieve managers of the entire fund administration burden.

While you focus on attracting and investing assets, we assume responsibility for the operation and administration of your funds.

Some of the tasks we would perform on your behalf include: calculating income and expense accruals, net asset valuations, reconciling all cash and security balances to prime brokers/counterparties, report preparation and maintaining shareholder registers.

Furthermore, the service accommodates almost every type of fund structure and asset class — including UCITs, PE and hedge funds, VCTs. Separating fund record-keeping duties from fund performance responsibilities helps mitigate risk, improves transparency, establishes accountability and reduce operational expense. It also enables you to focus completely on your core competencies, i.e., attracting investors and generating returns.