Petrus Private Bank complies fully with the rules and laws of the jurisdictions in which we operate. We are also committed to participating in international efforts to prevent the funding of terrorist and criminal activities.

As a bank, we adhere to best practice with regard to anti-money laundering procedures and other key protocols including risk controls, general compliance, ‘Know Your Customer’ policies and reporting.

To protect the interests of our shareholders, clients and employees, our systems combine sophisticated algorithms with manual surveillance techniques to detect any suspicious patterns of behaviour or activity.

Although we expect our people to adopt the highest standards of compliance in their everyday duties, the bank’s Head of Compliance regularly advises and reminds relevant employees about their legal and regulatory obligations on a range of topics including market abuse and conflicts of interest.

Furthermore, all relevant employees are required to confirm that have a full understanding of our compliance policies. (The responsibility for the audit and review of our reporting practices and accounting policies lays with Ernst & Young.)